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The most beloved kitchen gadgets and tools, cooking appliances are collected here. They make living and eating more convenient. I know how hard it is to choose gadgets for the kitchen so I have worked for you and gathered my collection of practical gadgets. They may contain affiliate links. Thank you for shopping with One Dollar Kitchen!


Makes food fried and delicious with crispy skin and almost no oil & fat!

Must-have kitchen appliance! Slow cook, steam, sauté, etc. So useful!

Use it for heating, cooking and baking. Pre-programmed menu for 6 popular foods

Great appliance for real rice lovers. Easy to use and cooks great!

Necessary kitchen appliance with can blend just everything

Start your perfect day with perfect and crunchy toasts

Process everything you need for your best meals

Make flavored homemade bread with no fuss

Indispensable item for your kitchen to prepare the best dishes

Make beef stew or chili for your family. Must-have for everyone

Helpful appliance for pureeing soups and dressings

Make your morning coffee with its help. Very useful appliance

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