Kitchen Tips

Cooking require such experience and knowing how to do it properly. Luckily, I’ve done all the leg work for you to show you just how simple it can be. Here you can find almost all answers for the most popular questions about how to cook meals or prepare your favorite dishes at home. Kitchen tips & tricks just for you!


How To Decorate Pocky Sticks

Pocky is a type of Japanese candy made from a long, thin stick of flavored chocolate with a wafer layer on the bottom. Decorating Pocky sticks is an amazing action, and many people, especially children, love it.


How To Dress A Salad

How to dress a salad can be said in many ways, but the overall goal is: dressing and assembling the ingredients for a healthy and delicious meal.


How To Cook Quinoa

Quinoa is packed with nutrients, minerals, protein, fiber, vitamin B6, folate, iron, and choline. Its versatility also makes it a perfect food for anyone who wants to eat healthfully.

Crispy Waffles Without Milk

In this article, we will be discussing how to make a crispy waffle without milk. A waffle is a batter-based bread that has its origins in the Nordic countries of Europe, and it is a dish that was brought to America by Dutch settlers.

How To Air Fry A Boneless Turkey Breast

More and more people are turning to air frying instead of deep frying their food. The biggest benefits include less oil, less mess, and little to no clean-up. All you need is an air fryer, some cooking spray, a boneless turkey breast (1-3 pounds), and spices of your choice.


How To Buy Turkey

When you think of Thanksgiving, inevitably, a turkey rises to the surface. The key is not just the size of the bird but also how much meat it provides for your guests.


How to Cook Cinnamon Rolls in the Air Fryer

Cinnamon rolls are a type of pastry consisting of sweet yeast-based dough, flavored with cinnamon. So, if you are in search of how to cook cinnamon rolls in the air fryer, this is the right place!


How to Boil Eggs in a Perfect Way

Eggs are categorized as a high protein food and have many dozens of vitamins and essential nutrients, and minerals. Learn how to boil eggs in a perfect way!