How To

Sometimes it’s hard to understand how to cook some meals and make homemade dishes perfect like at the restaurant. So I’ve decided to share my experience and creare useful tips and advices about how to make home cooked meals really delicious. Check out my How To advices right now!


How To Reheat Smoked Turkey

If you plan to use reheated smoked turkey in your favorite recipes, such as potato salad, casseroles, or soups, make sure you heat the turkey properly before putting it in the dish. Keep reading to learn how to reheat smoked turkey in easy way.


How To Fold A Burrito

Fold a burrito the right way, and it becomes an expression of your culinary creativity. It’s always better to have a 2-tortilla cover than know nothing about how to fold a burrito, so let us show you how to do it. After this article, you’ll never have problems folding your favorite Mexican dish again!


How To Boil Chicken

Boiled chicken is a healthy and delicious addition to any meal, but sometimes it can be hard to know just how long it takes to boil a whole chicken. Keep reading to learn more about how to boil chicken, what you should do, how to store boiled chicken, and what meals you can cook from it.


How To Make Coffee Without A Coffee Machine

There are plenty of ways to brew your favorite black gold at home without an expensive coffee maker! This guide will show you how to make coffee without a coffee machine.


How To Bake Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potato is not only healthy but also very popular and delicious, you might be tempted to bake it for Thanksgiving or Christmas sides. Learn how to bake sweet potatoes with no fuss.


How To Grow Green Onions

Whether you’re planning a dinner party or you want to impress the spaghetti sauce at your next dinner, growing and cooking green onions is a cinch. While green onions are easy to grow from seed, it is also possible to start them from onion scraps.


How To Bake A Potato

Whether you want to bake a potato in the microwave, oven, or air fryer, it’s easy — just follow these guidelines, and you’ll be on your way to delicious potatoes in minutes!


How Long To Thaw A Frozen Turkey

One of the most common items that people prepare for a Thanksgiving dinner is the whole turkey. And while you can check some side dishes, we can also give you some pointers on how long to thaw a frozen turkey.