Kitchen Tips

Cooking require such experience and knowing how to do it properly. Luckily, I’ve done all the leg work for you to show you just how simple it can be. Here you can find almost all answers for the most popular questions about how to cook meals or prepare your favorite dishes at home. Kitchen tips & tricks just for you!

cup to gram conversion

Cup To Gram Conversions

This article briefly discusses what a gram is and how to convert grams into cups. You will learn more about a cup to gram conversions and how to use these measurements while everyday cooking.


How To Make Omelet In Air Fryer

Air fryers are great for cooking delicious, healthy food. That is why this kitchen appliance is often used to prepare breakfast. To make an omelet in an air fryer, you need only two things to do: combine all the ingredients and pour the mixture into the fryer basket. That’s all!


How To Cook Frozen Garlic Knots In Air Fryer

Garlic knots are a favorite appetizer that you can make in the air fryer, and this article will teach you how to do it. To cook frozen garlic knots, you need to place them in the air fryer and turn it on.


How To Cook Jasmine Rice

Rice is the staple food of many Asian cultures, and for good reason. It’s inexpensive, it’s versatile, and it has a light texture. Below you’ll learn how to cook Jasmine rice in various ways.


How To Make Japanese Rice

In Japan, rice is an important part of their diet. Making Japanese rice is not hard, and it doesn’t have many steps either to make it. To make Japanese rice, you only need a batch of rice, some water, and a rice cooker.


How To Cook Spaghetti Squash

This article will go through a simple step-by-step guide of how to cook and cook spaghetti squash. To cook spaghetti squash, you will need to boil them for about 20-30 minutes on medium heat.


How To Decorate Pocky Sticks

Pocky is a type of Japanese candy made from a long, thin stick of flavored chocolate with a wafer layer on the bottom. Decorating Pocky sticks is an amazing action, and many people, especially children, love it.


How To Dress A Salad

How to dress a salad can be said in many ways, but the overall goal is: dressing and assembling the ingredients for a healthy and delicious meal.