How To Grow Green Onions

Whether you’re planning a dinner party with your spouse or you want to impress the spaghetti sauce loving at your next dinner, growing and cooking green onions is a cinch. While green onions are easy to grow from seed, it is also possible to start them from onion scraps.


If you want to reap the benefits of growing green onions, you should know that they are one of the most productive vegetables in existence. They require little time or space to grow and can be harvested when they are still small enough to fit on a salad. Besides being a valuable ingredient for any kitchen, growing green onions is also an excellent way for eager gardeners to spend their free time. Learn how to grow green onions easily.

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Why Regrow Green Onions?

Green onions are one of the most valuable vegetables in today’s society. Their bulbs thrive in the garden and can be harvested regularly all through the growing season. The bulb stores three to four times as much water as fresh green onions, thus reducing water use and maximizes crop yield. They have great flavor and nutritional value that can be used directly or processed into other edible products.

If you like having fresh green onions around, you might want to consider growing them yourself. They produce quickly, and you can have your supply in just a few days.

After the green onions are harvested, you can use the bulbs to regrow new plants. This involves planting them in moist soil or sand and keeping them warm and moist until they grow roots. Once the roots are developed two inches long, plant them in a pot to grow further.

How To Regrow Green Onions

If you’re ready to grow some new green onions, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to grow them.

Find A Bulb

Finding a bulb is the first step when growing green onions. Green onion bulbs are available in many different sizes (small, medium, large) depending on your preference.

Choose Your Onion Plant Site

The best places for growing onions are sunny locations with plenty of room. Look for a location that will accommodate these big roots and allow airflow around the outside of the soil and plant.

Choose The Way To Grow Greens

If you are interested in growing green onions in the ground, the next step is to choose a location to grow them in. Make sure that you leave about six inches between onions if you decide to plant them side-by-side. If you want to maximize your yield with minimal space, consider planting them inside onion cages. The cages can be made from wood and wire or plastic mesh.

Preparing Your Soil For Planting Green Onions

Now that you have chosen where to place your new onions, it’s time to prepare the soil for planting green onion bulbs. Use good quality potting soil to ensure that your onions have the best chance of growing successfully.

You can add compost to the soil as well. If you’re not sure which type you should use, opt for an organic one so that you don’t contribute to any toxic chemicals causing harm to your onions. And don’t forget to place at least six inches of organic matter (compost!) around the onion plant’s root ball.

Place The Onion Bulb In Your Potting Soil

Now that you have prepared your garden soil, it is time to start planting your green onion bulbs. Be careful not to damage the bulb as much as possible while planting it in your garden. You can use a trowel or place the bulb in a pot and then plant it in the soil.

Gather The Harvest

Trim the sprouted green onions and enjoy. During this time, new green onions will grow from the old bulbs for your salads.

How To Grow Green Onions Indoors

If you don’t have a big garden, growing green onions indoors is an excellent alternative for you. The most important thing that you’ll need to do is make sure they receive enough sunlight. If they aren’t given enough sunlight, they will be smaller and won’t grow as fast. Once you’re confident that your onions are getting enough light to grow, follow these simple steps:


Look For A Good Potting Soil

Since most pots come with sub-par soil, it’s essential to find good quality potting soil if you want to grow your green onion plants indoors. Ensure that the potting soil has plenty of compost because compost is what gives the best quality soil.

Prepare Your Potting Soil

Once you have chosen the suitable potting soil, it’s time to prepare your new onion plant’s root ball. You can do this by adding plenty of organic compost to the pot and then gently placing your onion bulb inside.

Place The Onion Bulb In Position

Once your onion bulb has been placed in the soil, gently set it upright. Ensure that you don’t over-water the soil underneath it, as this will only cause your onions to rot. Check on the onions every day and water them when they need water.

How To Grow Green Onions From Seed

Growing green onions from seed is a great way to start your indoor onion growing project if you’re unsure which type of onion bulb to plant. There are many different ways that people choose to grow onions from seed, but the most common method is by starting them indoors and then transplanting them outdoors later on. Here’s what you need to do.

Find A Good Seed Starting Mix

Seed starting mix comes in many different brands and is available from various sources, but the most important thing to look for is potting soil with plenty of compost. This will ensure that your onions grow with maximum success. If you’re not sure which type of potting soil will work best for your green onions, go with an organic one because it won’t have any harmful chemicals in it.

Choose Your Onion Seeds

You can choose between seeds that come from yellow onion or red onion varieties, but whichever you choose will depend on how you want your onions to grow. If you want them to grow quickly, use onion seeds from the red variety since they will get big in a hurry. If you want your green onions to be smaller and sweeter tasting, go with the yellow variety.

Prepare Your Seed Starting Mix

Once you have chosen your onion seeds and decided where and how you will grow them, it’s time to prepare the soil for planting green onion seeds. You can choose between planting them indoors or outdoors, or both if you have enough room.

Plant The Onion Seeds

The next step is to plant your onions from seed. Remember to place them in a pot that has enough compost in it so that they can get the maximum number of nutrients. You can choose how big they will get by choosing between the different onions and how you’ll get them started.

How To Grow Green Onions In The Winter

The most important thing to do if you’re planning on growing green onions in the winter is to make sure that they get plenty of sunlight. If you live in a colder climate, ensure that the onion plants are protected from the cold because they will die if they get too cold. Here’s what you need to do:


Prepare Your Winter Onion Bed

Before you plant your green onion bulbs, make sure that the soil is well prepared. Incorporate plenty of organic compost and mix it with your garden soil for best results. You can also choose to plant your onions in a pot made of good quality material and contains plenty of organic compost in the soil.

Plant Your Onion Bulbs

Once you are ready to plant your onions, it’s time to place the bulbs on the ground or in pots. You will want to make sure that you place the bulbs on their side and not on their ends because this will give them more room to grow. Ensure that there is plenty of airflow around each onion bulb because this helps them grow larger and stronger.

Water Your Green Onion Plants

Once you have planted the onions, make sure that you water them every day. You can water them with a light sprinkle if they want to dry out, but if they’re getting too much water, you may have to give them a deeper soak regularly.

Always make sure that the soil is well watered until the bulbs are about two inches tall, and then you can cut back on the watering process. If your bulbs are allowed to grow for too long, they can rot and wither.

Fertilize Your Onion Pots And Bulbs

Once your onions start growing, it’s time to be sure to feed them with a good quality organic fertilizer for best results. Remember to choose a fertilizer made specifically for vegetables because it will give your onions the nutrients they need to grow.

How Deep To Plant Green Onions

The first thing you’ll need to do when planting your onions is to make sure that you put them in the correct position. If they are planted too deep, there will be a risk of rot if they get too wet, too cold, or sit in damp soil for more than two weeks. If planted at the correct depth, your green onions will have enough room to grow large and strong.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do Green Onions Grow Better In Water Or Soil?

    There is no difference. The onions will be just as tasty, or not, whether grown in soil or water. It’s the same for most plants.

  • Can You Plant Green Onions In Soil?

    You can plant green onions in the soil! Just buy a pack of small starter onion plants and follow the instructions for planting by size, watering often, and ensuring that the soil drains well.

  • Do Green Onions Need Full Sun?

    No, green onions can grow just fine in partial shade. However, full sun will cause them to be much more potent and flavorful. They may also grow a bit faster.

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