How to Boil Eggs in a Perfect Way

Eggs are categorized as a high protein food and have less fat than most foods. That’s why they are significant for our health. Eggs also have many dozens of vitamins and essential nutrients, and minerals. But many of us don’t have enough information about how to boil eggs perfectly.

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Main Useful Egg Components:

  • Contain a good source of choline, which may help prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Rich in selenium, which may help lower cholesterol levels.
  • Provide a good source of lutein and can reduce the risk of cataracts and improve your vision.
  • Contain the amino acid cysteine, which helps your body make new proteins.
  • Eggs can help relieve arthritis symptoms.
  • An excellent source of vitamin D, a nutrient that affects 1 in 3 cancers.

These products are non-allergenic for many people’s tastes and are convenient to cook. Depending on your preferences, they can be cooked in different ways. I’m here to provide you vast information about how many minutes it takes to boil an egg and the best ways to prepare them at home.

How to Boil Eggs on the Stovetop

Despite the fact that this is the most known and popular way to boil eggs, many people do not know how to do it correctly. I suggest a simple step-by-step method that will make perfect hard-boiled eggs:

  1. Pour water into a pot and put it on the stovetop.
  2. Drop the eggs into the water, add a teaspoon of salt. It prevents the shell from cracking.
  3. As soon as you add the eggs, boil them for exactly 8 mins. They may be shorter or longer depending on how firm you like them. If you want them harder cooked, add 3-4 mins additionally. But if you want them softer boiled, drop 4 mins instead.
  4. After you cook them for 8 mins, remove the eggs from the pan with a spoon and transfer them to a bowl of cold water.

How to Boil Eggs in the Oven

This is an unusual method, but anyway, some of us use it. There are several options to hard boil eggs in the oven. In a first way, please do the following:

  1. Put eggs in a small covered flat-bottomed dish or roasting pan with enough water to cover the bottom. Make sure that the water is boiling rapidly at all times and that it covers the eggs. After the water was boiled for at least 8-10 minutes, cook them, remove them from the oven, and set them aside.

The other method does not involve the use of liquid:

  1. You simply place the raw eggs in the oven and actually bake them until they are ready. You can use an ovenproof pan – it will be more convenient.

How to Cook Hard Boiled Eggs in the Pressure Cooker

Place the eggs straight in a medium to a large-sized pressure cooker. Add the water. If it is a small pressure cooker, raise the heat to high until the water boils. If it is an electric pressure cooker, set the timer to 5 minutes at high pressure. Otherwise, set the heat according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Let the pressure release naturally. When the pressure goes down, open the lid carefully and remove boiled eggs.

How to Store Hard Boiled Eggs

Place the uncovered cooked eggs in a single layer in a plastic or glass container and cover with a lid. Refrigerate them for several days. For more extended storage, pack a small quantity of peeled or crushed ice into the box and place the eggs on top.

How Long Should Hard Boiled Eggs be Stored in the Refrigerator?

If you follow the rules for storing cooked eggs, they can be kept in the fridge with no problems for about one week. For better preservation of cooked eggs, it is better to keep them in their shells.

Best Egg Recipes You May Like

I find some egg recipes for you:

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do you Boil the Perfect Egg?

I’m not sure how it can be perfect, but I would certainly say that it needs to cook slowly for a minimum of seven minutes. You don’t need to use warm or hot water in order to achieve better results.

How Long do you Boil an Egg?

Place product into a suitable dish and cook them for at least 7-8 mins after the water becomes boiled. Depending on what results you’re going to achieve, you need to extend or reduce the cooking time. If you’re a fan of hard-boiled eggs, then cook for 3-5 mins more. But if you’re going to taste soft boiled eggs, drop at least 3-4 mins from main time.

How to Know When Boiled Eggs are Done?

Cooked eggs are easy to recognize. They are round, and they have a small boiled white lump in the middle. Just kidding. Put the egg on a flat surface, such as a table, then rotate it. A perfectly cooked egg will rotate quickly, while a raw or soft-boiled egg will rotate slowly.

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